The Rocky Mountain Corn Project

The Ladybug and the Grizzly May 21 2023

Toughen Up Buttercup

Have you fed your inner Grizzly today? Read the full story of ladybugs and grizzly bears and lessons for today's patriots...

Blue Hunger Games Part II May 01 2023

Unfortunately, not enough of us paid attention in 1984 when we were warned repeatedly how the seeds of our own destruction had been planted from without, and how we would destroy ourselves from within by ingesting the deadly harvest that kills by slow degree.

Blue Hunger Games Part I April 23 2023

The Blue Capital ordains hunger. The Red States resist. The fissures widen as it becomes apparent that there is no way to vote yourself out of the deepening culture war. We see the unpleasant truth of Stalin’s maxim that those who count the ballots...

The Beginning of the End for Glyphosate April 03 2019

How Farmers and Ranchers Trapped in the Big Ag Paradigm Can Get Out Now

Save Your Bacon and Avoid Financial Debacle

As if floods are not enough - get out now and stop trying to swim against the tide of history which has turned against you.

The handwriting is on the wall. 

Click here to read the full blog post:

Flood Warning Update April 03 2019

You might ask the rhetorical question, “how does the flooding in the mid-west affect me?"

You will be affected regardless of your physical location.

You may avoid the direct effects but the indirect and “knock on” effects can be just as deadly.

Click here to read the full article:

Discover "Rules of Thumb as Your Guide to Black Swans and Other Disasters" that can help you avoid or mitigate natural and man-made disasters whether from floods or radioactive fallout.

Planting Guidance for Epic Cold and Flooding March 24 2019

The 2019 growing season promises to be a character builder.

Unprecedented cold and snow are gripping the country from California and the Inter-mountain West to the Great Plains and the Mid-Western bread basket....

Here are 5 tips to help you make it through the challenging growing conditions that we are facing wherever you may find yourself in the Northern Hemisphere. Click here to read the full story...



For all who are called to the American Redoubt: Secure your food and preserve your freedom of action!

If you don’t have a place to grow your own healthy food, support those who do. Go in for shares. Help them every way you can. Growing all your own food now may not be economically viable, but secure sources of food are your lifeline in the future.

The Rocky Mountain Corn Project has two goals. First, to spread Painted Mountain Corn across the inter-mountain west. Second, to feed the American Redoubt.

Grow your own organic GMO-free corn as a basic component of your food storage program, an annual component of your daily food consumption plan and as a source of income in sharing the seed with your neighbors and community.


Survival Seed & the China Connection April 30 2017

In his most famous work, Nuclear War Survival Skills, Cresson wrote of an episode in China concerning survival seeds. It was only later that I discovered the extent of his legendary career – as a courier to the Czechoslovakian underground smuggling anti-Nazis from the grasp of the Third Reich in the run-up to World War II and as a demolition Officer in the OSS (the precursor to what later became the CIA) in southern China ahead of the Japanese invasion... Click here to read the full story

The Mephisto Waltz & The Planter's Paradox April 08 2017

Do I keep dancing with the devil or is it time to change partners?

Plant & Grow Rich: Chapter 1 February 14 2017

Plant & Grow Rich: Chapter 2 February 14 2017

Plant & Grow Rich: Chapter 3 February 14 2017

Plant & Grow Rich: Chapter 4 February 14 2017

Plant & Grow Rich: Chapter 5 February 14 2017

ATOMIC HARVEST April 13 2016

Palm trees swayed gently in the dappled sunlight as the languid surf inside the coral reef caressed a crescent of white sand. The timeless vision of an idyllic south sea paradise was marred by the fleet of ninety-five warships anchored in the lagoon...more>>

Grizzly Raids March 20 2016

With the approach of October I began to have some qualms about the proximity of the apple orchard to the garden and the annual bear invasions. On our next trip to town we bought an infrared game camera with a motion sensor, determined to establish the identity of the nocturnal guests who continued to dine  on our vegetables...more>>

Chief & the Community Garden March 17 2016

I was approached to help organize and lead a new community garden with a group of people who had never attempted to grow so much as a radish. The proposal was to plow up a length of gnarly sod next to a storm-drain fed creek in the middle of town and give everyone at the community center a spot to try their hand at gardening. People would grow their own food, harvest it, and go home happy. Cue the ominous music…more>>

"Attack of the Crop Dusters" March 05 2016

Crop Report 2016 - Part II

Nothing disturbed the still air except for the raucous cries of a pack of magpies engaged in their morning disputations over in the neighbor’s horse pasture...
A distant droning crept into the periphery of my silent ruminations...more>>

Crop Report 2016 - Part I February 16 2016

I continue to be amazed at the sheer vitality of the Alpine Varietal of Painted Mountain Corn seed. After only one week in our latest germination tests the corn sprouts are two inches long and bursting with tenacious vigor. Last summer I even discovered corn growing like weeds in the cracks of a concrete driveway where stray kernels had lodged during our shelling episode the previous year...more>>

Food Freedom April 11 2015

Go ahead.
You’re ready.
Cut the umbilical cord to the system. Unleash your native ingenuity and go all-out for food freedom in 2015. more>>

Freedom's Harvest Part II November 23 2014

(continued from Part I...)

Freedom's Harvest Part I September 24 2014

It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.
             —Samuel Adams (1722-1803), American Revolutionary

At 4 AM the moon had set. There was no hint of dawn in the eastern sky as Orion, the mighty hunter, blazed through the starry heavens to herald the turn of the season. more>>

The Dangerous Summer April 27 2014

“The revolution occurred in the hearts and minds of the people and in pulpits throughout the colonies long before a shot was fired.” All across the American Redoubt and in other strongholds across the land, the Rocky Mountain Corn Project is catching fire. Farmers, gardeners, ranchers and liberty-minded folk from all walks of life are sowing and harvesting these seeds of freedom. more>>

Fried Frogs and Commissars March 13 2014

Have you ever chased a slick-skinned, sixteen inch bullfrog around the kitchen while your mama's hollering, "get that frog out of my house"? Well you can take this literally, figuratively or any way you want but it doesn't change the underlying reality. more>>

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