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Download Swiss Shelter Standards - Technical Directives May 11 2014

Copyright Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architects SOURCE: Directives for the Construction of Private Air Raid Shelters and the 1971 Conception of the Swiss Civil Defense


Every Swiss home, from the mountain to the valley, protects the occupants from blast and radiation and chemical, biological, and radiological agents.

CLICK HERE to download the plans and engineering specifications for the basement shelters that secure the Swiss people from nuclear war. Browse a sample>>

CLICK HERE to download Swiss Shelter Standards - Technical Directives

Download "Using Water Resources" May 01 2014

CLICK HERE to download Using Water ResourcesGRID DOWN! NO WATER!
What are you going to do?

Using Water Resources is vital information for those who desire to keep drinking water and growing food.

Discover the proven, do-it-yourself technologies used to successfully develop water supplies in third world countries.

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Download SolarDoc Database March 30 2014

Imagine freedom from the parasites of society, the leeches in the mortgage industry; the lawyers, bankers, brokers who produce nothing of value but are always there for their cut of the deal. "Something extraordinary is happening..."

To be a part of it, get your promo code by purchasing Painted Mountain Corn seed and joining the Rocky Mountain Corn Project.

From the BLUEPRINTS FOR FREEDOM SERIES the family bring you the Lost Annals of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association
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CLICK HERE to download SolarDoc Database

Download "From Dictatorship to Democracy" March 30 2014

FREE DOWNLOAD - NO PROMO CODE NEEDEDFrom Dictatorship to Democracy:
A Conceptual Framework for Liberation

by Gene Sharp

FREE Download from Gene Sharp's Website - NO PROMO CODE NEEDED

How to Destroy Dictatorships & Fry Your Commissar
Had enough?
Learn how to take back your town, your country, your state, your nation with tried and true strategies, tactics and techniques that have proven successful in toppling tyrants in all parts of the globe.
"I would rather have this book than the nuclear bomb." (One caveat...)


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