Remember the 5th & 6th of June June 04 2023

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

I write from the rainy season in Montana where the rivers and streams are in full spate, as verdant foliage and wildflowers spread up the snow-capped peaks. All nature rejoices. The larks sing and the raucous cries of nesting sandhill cranes provide a counterpoint to the melody of Spring.

At this juncture, I trust that you have planted seed in the well-prepared ground of your farms, ranches and gardens. I wish that our lives and occupations with family, crops and the faith of our fathers would continue to spread out before us in the broad vistas of a promised land.

Unfortunately, the reality of fast-moving events is overshadowing that pastoral vision. The alarm has long sounded to clear the decks and prepare for action. The enemy has fully revealed himself now and has overstepped all common boundaries of decency in his lust for our children. We are at war and awake to the communist danger at hand.

In remembrance of those who have warned us and put themselves on the line, I offer a brief homage for your consideration. Monday, 5 June and Tuesday 6 June are special days to burn in our memories.

You are all probably aware of D Day the 6th of June and anniversary of the Allied Normandy invasion of WW II.

It recently came to my attention that Monday 5 June is also the special commemoration of “Tank man” and the June 5, 1989 Tiananman Square massacre.

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Let these events live on in our memories for those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

Without freedom the soul dies. Without the soul, there is no justification for freedom. Necessity is the only ultimate justification known to the mind. Hence every sincere break with Communism is a religious experience, though the Communist fail to identify its true nature, though he fail to go to the end of the experience…. A Communist breaks because he must choose at last between irreconcilable opposites—God or Man, Soul or Mind, Freedom or Communism.

—Whittaker Chambers, Forward “Letters to my Children,” Witness

Powerful stuff. Highly recommended to fully understand what we are dealing with.

New Ordnance out!