Of Plowshares and Swords March 12 2013

“We happy farmers of the American Redoubt…”

We happy farmers of the American Redoubt approach the coming growing season of 2013 with a resolute confidence, secure in the Providence of our cause and armed with the knowledge of our experience.

Join our band of citizen-farmers laying the foundation of a nascent alpine republic here in the northern Rockies. We draw on the rich traditions of our forebearers, the Greek Hoplite of antiquity, the American yeoman of 1776, the nineteenth century Boer of South Africa and the Swiss who withstood the Third Reich–citizen-soldiers who stood ready to defend their freedoms and had the skills to build a civilization when they picked up their plows.

Now the call sounds again to step outside the Matrix-outside the confines of a digitized, soul-sucking Leviathan. Sharpen your plows, swords at the ready, and live the heritage of our forefathers. Live the creative life that will unleash the native ingenuity of the American people to chart their destiny. Discover the freedom implicit in the fractal reality of nature that stirs anew with the snowmelt of spring.

Take up the Rocky Mountain Corn Project to feed your family, friends and neighbors.

Use the 12 Tips for Planting Painted Mountain Corn in the Northern Rockies that are distilled from our experience here in the heart of the American Redoubt.

If you live in the Redoubt or if you are headed this way, our seed truly is optimized for this location. A lot of our previous crops have been sold and shipped to locations scattered from Idaho to Greece and points in between. Let us jump-start your efforts with a force multiplier that will speed your journey to food security and independence. We want to disperse our 2013 crop into the Redoubt and hope that you happy farmers will seize the opportunity to take it off our hands.

For Plowshares & Swords
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