Blue Hunger Games Part I April 23 2023

The Blue Capital ordains hunger. The Red States resist.

Credit: Alderspring Ranch, Idaho
Alderspring Ranch, Idaho. Image Credit:

The fissures widen as it becomes apparent that there is no way to vote yourself out of the deepening culture war. We see the unpleasant truth of Stalin’s maxim that those who count the ballots determine the outcome of elections.

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The blue cities and blue enclaves have long mastered these techniques. They steal everything. Now they are coming for you, your land, your food.

The common ground of ideals that once held the American culture together has been shattered. There is no fixing it or putting it back together in it’s present form. I may grieve for the Republic but it has long been gone and degenerated into a mob-ocracy.

The Founders were well aware of the fate of ancient empires. Dr. Franklin emerging from Independence Hall in July of 1787 was asked what form of government did we have? He famously replied, “a Republic if you can keep it.” The founders gave us a government fit for a moral and virtuous people.

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What is one to do? Large though we may be in numbers, scattered throughout the land and occupying vast swaths of rural geography, what is the remnant of a moral and virtuous people to do? When they arrive at your front door it is too late.

What you do is local, local, local, in your local area of operation and the smallest political subdivision you live in, which is usually your county. The most important person in your county is your elected Sheriff.

Find, elect and support your Constitutional Sheriff. Find out how the precincts in your county voted and plan your campaigns accordingly. If you are in a swamp of proto- and actual communists, move to an area or state of like-minded, freedom-loving individuals. Flee the commie-governed blue zones and let them wallow in their own mire.

Not the Time for Martyrs

This is not the time for martyrs. Don’t go down with the sinking ship. You are too valuable. You are not expendable Your skills growing real food are vital to the cause of freedom in the final convolutions of our late stage republic.

Your actions now will determine the outcome at this critical juncture where many possible paths play out into the future. Our ultimate destiny is not predictable with a high degree of certitude because of the fickleness of the mass consciousness. But the path chosen will weigh heavily in our survival as a people with the skills to build the next civilization on the detritus of the old.

Western Rifle Shooters Association
Image Credit: Western Rifle Shooters Association

The Good News

Fortunately though, the course of action of the opposition, call it the “adverse force” manifesting as communism in all of it’s myriad guises, is entirely predictable.

We have their play-book. The playbook that has proven successful time and time again to enslave humanity for their own good. The slaves of course, are the small minority who escape the killing fields and prove worthy to serve their masters.

Stay tuned for the next episode which will reveal the opposition’s playbook to slavery and some suggestions on how to keep your corn fields from turning into killing fields.

In the meantime my brothers and sisters – stay safe and avoid crowds.

To be continued next week with the "Seeds of Subversion."


Read on below for a sneak peak into the next episode, including insights and key strategies based on the author's personal interactions with Yuri Besmenov.

About the author:

New Ordnance is a contemporary of Yuri Besmenov, the Soviet KGB defector. Both were in the same part of Asia at the time of Besmenov’s defection to the west. The author has personally attended a number of Besmenov’s lectures on communist takeover methodology and has studied the historical records of the successful Communist revolutions in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam and Cambodia. The singular unsuccessful communist revolution and successful counter-revolution of the Spanish Civil War has also been studied in some detail. The successful suppression of a communist takeover of Malaysia in the aftermath of World War II has also been noted.

The author is also a student of ancient history and of the cyclical rise and fall of empires and civilizations denoted in the works of Thucidides, Tacitus, Gibbon, Toynbee and Glubb et al. The author is also acquainted with the revelations and legends of even more ancient lost civilizations that survive yet in racial memory and popular mythos – civilizations that fell and sank into the depths because of hubris and cultural degeneracy.

New Ordnance has a particular interest in the modern embodiment of these historical forces now at play in the long planned takeover of the United States. One might observe that the takeover is now a fait accompli with us asleep at the switch as the communists completed the initial takeover and are now entering into the consolidation phase of the revolution where all possible enemies of the revolution are eliminated to prevent a counter-revolution.