Your 2016 Guide to Food Freedom February 07 2016

by Chief

New Ordnance and I are going to post new content every week as part of an ongoing series through Spring 2016.

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Learn how to grow your own food and thrive in hard times. Declare your independence from the grocery store!

We will share our family’s tips, tricks and techniques for food freedom, gathered and distilled through the decades from hard life-experience, and grounded in our scientific training and education—that’s right, you’ll be learning more about the adventures of the Rocky Mountain Corn family; the chemist, biologist and physicist who grow and sell Painted Mountain Corn seed while staying afloat with multiple avocations through challenging times.

From the wild mountains in Montana comes a series of down-to-earth articles, videos and pictures to teach you everything you need to know. Whether you are just beginning this journey or have been on it for many years, welcome!      

SNEAK PEAK: Stay tuned for the 2015 Crop Report from New Ordnance, a special Valentine’s day report! Hand-pollination, attack of the crop dusters, community gardens, harvest reports from around the world, and more as New Ordnance issues the call for flat-out food production in 2016.

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