The Ladybug and the Grizzly May 21 2023

“What do you have there?”

“Dad, come look. It’s a ladybug I brought home from work. I injured it when I felt something under my hand on the computer desk and squashed it before I knew what it was.

“I thought it was dead at first. There was bug juice on the mousepad and it looked like it had a broken wing – but it was still moving. I scooped it up in a napkin and brought it home to see if I could nurse it back.”

“Well, that’s a nice thought.”

We always take care of ladybugs in the garden because we know they are good biological pest control insects, eating the aphids on the tomato plants and such. They always seem harmless and benevolent, never prone to biting or stinging. I know you can even buy them by the pound for the fields and greenhouse.

“What are you doing to it?”

“Nothing really – just watching it in the moss and seeing if it will eat something.”

“In the moss? What do you mean?”

“Look. It’s moving. It’s going over to the apple peel. It’s taking a bite.”

I walked over to the table at the end of the couch where Chief was kneeling down and staring intently at a clear glass teapot. She had placed a bed of moss collected from one of her botanical expeditions into the teapot.

“My teapot developed a crack so I turned it into a terrarium. As soon as I put a piece of apple in there, the ladybug ran over and started eating it.”

“Wow. I didn’t know they were were herbivores.”

“Actually, they are omnivores. Look. Now it’s eating those tiny gnats that were in the moss.”

I mumbled something about nice little pet bugs and she looked up at me with fierce indignation and said,

“No, they are not nice! They are Grizzlies!”

Ranunculus acris

Toughen Up Buttercup

Have you fed your inner Grizzly today?

The American people have grown soft and surfeited with endless bread and circuses while living in the lap of luxuries unimaginable to their predecessors.

Patriots better toughen up physically, mentally, morally and spiritually for the battles that lie ahead. Those of us out here on farms and ranches, dealing with crops, livestock and critters have a better grasp of the realities of the natural world and its creatures. You might call it the terrarium of life where the prevailing law is “eat or be eaten.”

I am reminded of the observation of an old soldier himself who wrote about war and the making of soldiers where “survival of the fittest” is the battlefield ethos of armies that prevail. Thus has it always been.

Cocky and soft Americans were thrown into the breach to stem the invasion of South Korea by the communist hordes of North Korea who were led by hardened veterans of Mao’s conquest of China. The young troops from main-street America were not motivated to fight and were too weak to climb the hills and mountains of the Korean peninsula. The were confined to riding vehicles in the valleys and struggling through stinking rice paddies fertilized with fresh human manure.

Americans died like flies until they re-learned the ancient lessons of war.

A man who has seen and smelled his first corpse on the battlefield soon loses his preconceived notions of what the soldier’s trade is all about. He learns how it is in combat, and how it must always be. He becomes a soldier, or he dies.

(T.R. Fehrenbach, This Kind of War, pp 157)

Eventually the survivors became soldiers. With their backs against the sea and no further retreat possible, they began to fight. Further motivation was provided with the discovery of the fate of captured American prisoners who were routinely tortured and killed.

Counterattacking on Hill 303 near Waegwan, the 5th Calvary Regiment came across a group of American Soldiers, twenty-six mortarmen of the Heavy Weapons Company, who had been captured earlier by the NKPA [North Korean Peoples Army]. These men lay packed shoulder to shoulder, their feet, bare and covered by dried blood, thrust out stiffly. They had been shot in the back by Russian-made submachine guns.

Each man’s hands were bound tightly behind his back with cord or telephone wire.

And along the Perimeter front, as the battle increased in intensity and bitterness, worse atrocities were discovered. American soldiers were found who had been burned and castrated before they were shot; others had their tongues torn out. Some were bound with barbed wire, even around the head and mouth.

(T.R. Fehrenbach, This Kind of War, pp 136)

Americans were learning about the nature of communists the hard way. What else could one expect from hardened peasants who themselves had been starved, tortured and brutalized from birth by a communist regime that, as a matter of military doctrine, shot its own soldiers en mass if they dared retreat in battle?

Nothing of substance has changed in the communist mentality in the ensuing years. They became more facile and devious in cloaking their methodology as they took over our government and it’s institutions but their agenda is the same.

For our purpose here and now, as a case study before our very eyes, consider a city and state that has fallen to communist rule – New York.

New York communists are revealing themselves as they prepare to consolidate their victory in a successful WROL (Without Rule of Law) de-evolution of society.

Let it serve as goad and motivation for those of us who will not follow their example.

Justine Medina informs us of the blessings of communism and gives a hint of what may lie in store for those who “block” progress:

SURPRISE! Former Aide to AOC Now Running the Communist Party of New York

Justine Medina, 33, spent a year employed by “The Squad” leader as a political organizer in 2020 and was paid more than $35,000 between February and November of that year, Federal Election Commission records show.

Almost immediately after the election, Medina began working as a full-blown Marxist.

In July 2021, she was identified as “co-chair of the New York Young Communist League” by the Communist Party newspaper People’s World. The same publication today identifies her as a member of the “Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party.”

Social media records show Medina’s Marxist proclivities were in full bloom before and during her employment with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

“Well, I am a Communist, but work for AOC,” she said proudly in a tweet from October 2020. “Communism is about equality, democracy, peace, the advancement of workers, the oppressed, and humanity in general,” she added a month later.

It is true the path there will be unkind to those who block progress, but Communism is good and should not scare you,” she noted darkly in the same posting.


Dear friends, do you understand now?

There is no common ground. You are either with us or you are against us. There is a great winnowing in progress, separating the chaff from the wheat. The chaff are those pretenders and traitors in the middle who disguise and change their allegiance depending on which direction the wind blows.

We have it on good authority that those tares will be bound up on the threshing floor to await an unquenchable fire.

Yep, just burning the old crop residues and clearing the weeds out of the ditches. It’s an old, old story and a common agriculture practice. The carbon is reduced to ashes to improve soil fertility and the bad weed seeds are burned so they cannot reproduce and spawn more of their kind.


Time to deploy the weed-burners and flammenwerfer.




With the burning of the bad seed the way is cleared for the good crops to follow. The good seeds are planted and we are assured that our seed will reproduce after its kind if it is planted in good soil and given the requisite nurturing.


Strategic View of Life

We adopt long term regenerative practices to build fertile soil on the land that will nurture succeeding generations into the future - no matter how long it takes.

We plan for the basic stages of war, knowing that it may be our children’s children who see the struggle to its conclusion.

We know that the Stages of War are not necessarily sequential but are being waged simultaneously on many fronts.

I do not have all the answers but I do have some of them and you will have others. I invite you to fill in the blanks to suit your individual circumstances.

3 Stages of War:

  1. We identify and expose the enemy.
  2. We destroy the enemy and his degenerate culture.
  3. We replace the enemy and his culture with our people and culture.

There are many facets of American Culture. I offer a few from my own experience.

“After the Prom” Norman Rockwell  (Source:

Grandma and Apple Pie Americana


Montana Cowboy Culture

The cowboy culture runs deep up here.

We still have old-fashioned cattle drives this time of year as the snow goes out. Local ranchers drive their cattle up the back roads to the high country pastures that Montana is famous for. When you encounter a cattle drive, proper etiquette requires patience and doing nothing to spook the herd. Eventually you can find a way to edge along slowly and find a way through with the truck. Stay inside the vehicle. You don’t want to be on foot in a herd of cows on the move.

The northern Rockies are blessed with a spring rainy season that couples with the snow run-off to provide an annual crop of chest-high Buffalo Grass. It was the grass that drew those legendary longhorn cattle drives from Texas up here.

The ranchers—descendants of those original settlers—are at loggerheads with the know-it-all newcomers who connive their way into local county commissions and attempt to exert control over the locals and tell them how to run their rural operations.

The swarming “woke” hives in the University towns of Missoula and Bozeman, egged on by Marxist professors, increasingly agitate against the cowboy culture and traditional Montana values. We will see how that plays out.

After a long drive across the state I find that farms and ranches all over are flying the flag, locked, loaded and awake. Despite the palpable and pervasive tension, our life goes on into a precipitous summer while we still enjoy seasonal celebrations.


From our family reunions, to weddings, rodeos, and honors for the departed, we celebrate the cowboy way of life.

We may differ in our cultural traditions across the remaining free states but we are united in the Warriors Pledge.

As found in the diary of a fallen American soldier in World War I

“America must win this war. Therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.”

As found in the diary of a fallen American soldier in World War I

We must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have. It is a weapon that we as Americans do have.

Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbors.

As for the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people. We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it. We will not surrender for it now or ever.

We are Americans.

Ronald Reagan, January 20, 1981


Forty-two years later I observe that we are past negotiation with Godless communists and the enemies within. There is no negotiation with those whose only ethos is to lie, cheat, steal and kill by any means necessary to gain power.

One side will win.

Reagan cannot help us now but he was right in this respect:

"If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth."  

Prepare accordingly my brothers and sisters.

Feed your inner Grizzly and remember as you plant that good seed in the fertile ground, to pause for a moment from time to time and look up to the sunlit uplands of the shining mountains.

New Ordnance
21 May 2023