Flood Warning Update April 03 2019

Growers of Painted Mountain Corn in the United States and Beyond:

200 million Americans now at risk of catastrophic flooding. 1 million calves lost in Nebraska.

(Photo from DroneBase via AP)

You might ask the rhetorical question, “how does the flooding in the mid-west affect me?"

If you are in the low lands of the river bottoms and flood plains or below a dam that ruptured, you know the answer to that question because you are directly experiencing the effects now or could be soon.

If you are on higher ground and your lives are more or less proceeding in their normal trajectory you may think that it could never happen to you. Such events of God and nature fall into the realm of “force majeure” beyond your control, so why disrupt your busy schedule?

You will be affected regardless of your physical location.

You may avoid the direct effects but the indirect and “knock on” effects can be just as deadly.

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