2021 Summary & Forecast for 2022 November 25 2021

Hello Growers and Food Freedomistas,

I trust this missive finds you well - in good spirits and fine mettle for the fight ahead. 

Yes, this is New Ordnance and I am still alive and kicking, having been out of contact for some time while relocating our base of operation, developing a new mountain field and maintaining operational security. Throw in recovery from a few physical issues and I have had a full plate. 

Through these changes we never missed a beat in shipping out all orders on the same or next day from our deep seed vault. We had set aside seed to meet unanticipated circumstances so we were up and running while other vendors shut down.

We send a hearty shout-out to our loyal clientele. We are grateful for your business. Please accept the following intel dump as a bonus for your use going forward.

Good News

After a lost initial 2020 crop at the new field, we bounced back in 2021 overcoming many challenges for a magnificent yield of our Alpine Varietal of Painted Mountain Corn. Note the size of our ears is at least double the standard for the ordinary Painted Mountain Corn you may find from other sources.

The 2021 crop was harvested on schedule and is now safely secured and drying nicely.

Of course we grew a few other vegetables that are somewhat adapted to this unpredictable mountain climate with a 90 day or less growing season. After decades, we are still learning from the extreme fluctuations of the natural elements. Some years some crops do well and other years not so much. No guarantees.  Our pole star standard though is the corn. If we do our part it comes through. 

Missed Planting Window & Consequences

The 2020 seed crop disaster was due to missing the May planting window. We were late - late in getting an ancient compacted and overgrazed alfalfa field plowed. It was June before we started getting seed in the ground while depending on well-meaning but inept volunteer labor. The corn planting took forever. Did I say we were late?

Nevertheless, following the key principles we’ve given you, we grew respectable food stores.The prognosticators who showed up to tell us we would not succeed in harvesting anything – while not lifting a finger to help – were proven wrong. We hope our example will keep you motivated and finding success no matter your circumstances.

3 Sisters & Other Crops

We planted the 3 Sisters together. An early freeze did in the immature corn. A huge flush of volunteer lambs quarters and wild amaranth choked the dry beans, making it impossible to harvest early. We hoped to let them dry in the field and harvest simultaneously with the corn – but we were dismayed to find the teeming population of field mice had been busy and almost all the pods were chewed open and empty. Nevertheless we managed to rescue a very respectable crop of spaghetti squash by mobilizing all hands to snatch up the squash in a gale of rain turning to sleet and snow on the 1st of September. Repeat for a big yield of potatoes dug in November by all hands before the big freeze-up. Beets, green beans and onions also did very well, yielding ample quantities for the larder.

Grizzly Raids

We had a large crop of carrots planted. The carrots were spurred on by the cold weather and we anticipated a bumper crop but Mr. Grizz had other plans. After the bears finished off the apples in a neighbor’s orchard, they moved across the creek to break through our fence and dig up the carrots.

Copious quantities of enormous orange scat and grizzly tracks were found all over the field. Minor quantities of carrots were gleaned for human consumption after the bear raids. They did not bother anything else.

We were cautious after that – always had bear medicine with us while working the field – the trusty 12 gauge loaded with slugs.

Yep, it’s Montana. Critters are going to “critter” and critters gotta eat. It comes with the territory. 

Gravity-Fed Irrigation

The field was irrigated by gravity from a stream that tumbled down out of the mountains. I built a 4 inch siphon pipe to direct the water to the field and we dug irrigation trenches by hand across the contour of the slope. No power required. Gravity does the work.

After finally getting the field plowed by a neighbor, Chief and I put up a 7 foot elk fence in two days to enclose the approximate 1 acre plot - which we were determined to work entirely by hand as proof that it could be done in a worst case grid-down scenario.

Pandemic Smokescreen – Toilet Paper Disappears

Bear in mind that this was in the initial stage of the so-called pandemic and we could not tell what was really going on behind the smokescreen of a concerted disinformation campaign. However, We did note that toilet paper had disappeared from the store shelves.

In early 2020 the first reports of the Wuhan Virus swept the world. Governments took extreme measures to stop the spread of the contagion including travel and transportation restrictions, business shutdowns and mask mandates.

Immediate shortages and panic buying of necessities and protective equipment ensued. Toilet paper, masks, hand-sanitizers and storable food disappeared from supermarket shelves. Stores imposed quantity restrictions on food purchases.

Potatoes Dumped - Seed Disappears

Supply chain disruptions, commercial food processing and restaurant shut-downs resulted in a steep decline in demand.  Farmers began dumping commodities. Montana and Idaho potato farmers destroyed billions of pounds of potatoes – 700 tons on one local Sheridan, Montana farm alone. Seed companies shut down and stopped taking new orders while unable to fulfill backlogs of existing orders.

These developments spurred us to expand our efforts for food freedom. We realized that the rising dark tide of tyranny and totalitarianism was using the wuflu jabs and mandates as convenient vehicles to instigate control over populations in the great reset as announced by the villainous Klaus Slob of the World Economic Forum. The roll-out of the globalist agenda was almost a fait-accompli.

Almost - but not entirely. The one thing sticking in their craw was the heavily armed population of the United States and the Second Amendment. We are not Australia, Canada, the U.K., Germany or Austria where the jackboots are literally on the necks of the people as they are handcuffed and loaded onto trucks for transport to the camps.

Whether quarantine, re-education or concentration, their plan is extermination . Their goal is planetary population reduction. The thugs and alphabet agencies are busily at work here also but their work is not as advanced as in the cited countries. They are getting to the high profile personalities in the alternative media as I write. Their big push against the rest of us is occurring this winter. This is my warning.

I first laid it out with an essay published on rockymountaincorn.com in 2012, ten years ago. That essay achieved a certain notoriety in survivalist and prepper circles on the internet and kick-started the sale of our corn seed.

The plan was for our business to self-destruct in two or three years – long enough for clients to grow their own seed and spread it around. So, I am surprised and gratified that we are still here and meeting a vital need for local food production and promoting life independent and non-compliant to the diktats of the beast. 

The Secret Weapon

The Secret Weapon was prescient. 

The Secret Weapon is a springboard for action.

Click here to read The Secret Weapon.

From time immemorial throughout recorded history, governments have used food as a weapon to control the fate of nations and populations. We are now entering such a time once again.

A stratagem as old as war itself, food has been used to manipulate populations from the time of Joseph in Egypt to Sherman’s march through Georgia to Stalin’s purge of the Kulaks to Monsanto/Bayer’s war on seed-growers and the never-ending regulatory squeeze on farmers.

2022 Forecast

Despite the inability to precisely predict the future, there are recent alarming trends and events that can only be ignored with great peril and extreme risk. Consider these events as data points and sign posts along the way through the future landscape.

Vegetables as Vaccine

The latest population reduction plan of the globalists is almost too sinister to believe. Along with the publicly funded genetic engineering research that has gone on for almost two decades, it was recently revealed that a concerted effort is underway to use plant food as a means to inoculate humans with ostensible mNRA vaccines. No more jabs required. You simply use genetic nanotechnology to induce plants to produce the vaccine du-jour and declare by executive fiat that henceforth only such vegetables can be produced for food. One can almost see parents encouraging their children to eat their Franken-broccoli. (Sources 1-5)

Biden Proposes Shutting Line 5 Gas and Oil Pipeline to the Midwest

Big Ag farm production is based on cheap and plentiful diesel fuel and propane. Propane is a derivative of oil and gas production. With the war on petroleum and hydro-carbons instigated by the Biden administration, the price of gas and propane has skyrocketed. (Sources 6-8)

The radical “Green New Deal” is essentially funded by the Infrastructure Bill passed by congress and signed into law on November 8, 2021. (Source 9) Implementation of the green-enviro agenda will cripple if not fatally wound American agriculture.

The truth of the matter is that civilization and the world’s population of 7 billion people is dependent on petroleum. World population growth mirrors world petroleum production almost perfectly from the 19th century.

Farmers will not continue production if operating at a loss. A soviet-style Department of Agriculture may issue orders for continued production but history amply demonstrates the abysmal failure of such communist diktats. To further the attack on farmers another gigantic technological scam and boondoggle is being foisted on a gullible public.

Farmers’ Land Confiscated For Carbon Pipeline Through The Corn Belt

Farmers’ land across the mid-west is being confiscated to make way for construction of a massive 1300 mile long carbon capture and sequestration project. (Sources 10-12)

As someone who has been heavily involved in the field of alternative energy since its inception in the 1960’s with the invention of solar cells for the space program – I speak with some authority when I say this is another Solyndra in the making. (Source 13)

World Fertilizer Shortage – Prices Soar

From Brazil to India to China and the U.S., fertilizer shortages threaten food production. China, the largest world supplier of urea-based nitrogen fertilizer stops all exports. Farmers scramble to adapt as planting intentions are in disarray. (Sources 14-15)

Implications of Big Ag Disruptions

Even as an organic small-scale farmer opposed to Big Ag, it is clear that the harmful implications of these developments to Big Ag operations are enormous for all of us who inhabit this planet.

The reality is that Big Ag feeds the world. A major reduction in food production will reduce world population—a major goal on the globalist agenda.

In the interest of brevity, these are only a few of the most salient examples of the globalists’ attack on food production to complete their take-over of western civilization via the “great reset” to “build back better” for a “sustainable future” to parrot their propaganda slogans and psychological warfare campaign.

Self-sufficient food production for all of us should be the major imperative and sine qua non for 2022.

Necessity of Animals for Integrated Food Production

Additionally, the production of animal food is essential going forward. The human diet requires fat. Without the dietary fat, death ensues. The production of healthy plant-based requisite fats is is not practical for most of us. Most vegetable oils are exceedingly toxic due to oxidation by-products. Almond butter, soy lattes, and avocado toast are not a viable strategy.

Fortunately, there is a viable and scalable alternative to Big Ag that is the wave of the future.

Notwithstanding the pain associated with the dissolution of the current agricultural paradigm, the survivors will have embraced a life preserver of regenerative agriculture that is beyond the organic practice now extant in scattered small holdings.

Regenerative Agriculture

Deep study and consideration of the example and track record of Gabe Brown (Source 16) is strongly recommended. Gabe Brown is an extremely successful North Dakota rancher with a 5,000 acre operation. Gabe developed a farm/ranch system that easily scales up or down, requires few chemical inputs, minimal machine inputs, no government subsidies and no bank loans.

Brown’s Ranch has multiple income streams and is unaffected by commodity price fluctuations. The Brown family is debt-free and self-finances all of their operations.

Gabe Brown’s location receives 12 to 14 inches of annual precipitation. His operation is all dry-land with no irrigation. Over 30 years, Gabe learned to develop self-renewing, moisture-retaining soil using controlled animal mob-grazing techniques and no-till cultivation practices.

He sold most of his machinery except for a seed drill.

Gabe has the most profitable farm/ranch operation in his county. Gabe describes regenerative agriculture as resilient.


My take is that Gabe Brown’s living and proven example of regenerative agriculture is beyond mere resiliency to the normal stressors of farm life – it actually approaches Taleb’s definition of antifragility – things that not only survive the vicissitudes of life but thrive, gain and become more profitable from the stresses at the edge of chaos and order.

Just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension, and rumors or riots intensify when someone tries to repress them, many things in life benefit from stress, disorder, volatility, and turmoil. What Taleb has identified and calls “antifragile” is that category of thingsthat not only gain from chaos but need it in order to survive and flourish. (Source 17)

Inspiring short video with sage advice from Gabe Brown and overview of Regenerative Agriculture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLwsn8snsMc

Longer presentation with Gabe Brown with more detail of the methodology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExXwGkJ1oGI 

Food Production Imperative

Self-sufficient food production should be the major imperative and sine qua non for 2022 as the foundation of an independent people free to maintain their God given rights come what may.

Cover the basics of water, shelter, heat, defense and the core necessities of life in grid-down and internet-down scenarios. Get out of the cities. Keep stacking and most importantly, maintain your connection to the Divine Providence that guided the founders of our nation and pray for the blessing of our actions in this season of Thanksgiving.

Remember, you don’t have enough ammo and to quote Ole Remus RIP, “stay away from crowds.”

Thank you for your continuing support of the Rocky Mountain Corn Project – feeding the American Redoubt and also those redoubts unsung wherever you may find yourself when the hammer drops.

I am your obedient servant.

New Ordnance and The Rocky Mountain Corn Family

(Elk from our front door)




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