The Portable TDY (Temporary Duty) Garden for Nutrient-Dense Super Greens April 14 2019

Yeah, I know you’re stuck TDY in a city or suburb and it’s planting time.
What are you going to do?

The early spring snow squalls come and go and it’s past time to “get out of Dodge.”

There are wars and rumors of war – even civil war and you are stuck for a while.

Here is a cheap, down and dirty trick you might want to take a look at. I figure what I have here will  add 3 to 4 weeks on each side of the growing season. That’s like skipping down one or two climate regions to the south.It also offers crop protection from errant clouds of radioactive fallout that might come your way and from the over-spray of zealous poison purveyors, with Roundup or their favorite flavor of glyphosate, out to attack any dandelion that dares to poke it’s yellow head above that unblemished expanse of green lawn.

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