2021 Crop Report December 30 2021

To the friends of The Rocky Mountain Corn Project and lovers of freedom worldwide, wherever the close of the year 2021 may find you:

Greetings from the mountains in the Free State of Montana.

As I pen this report to you in the dawn before the sun rises behind the mountain, I look out the window and see elk grazing through the stubble of our corn field as they move deliberately toward the treeline leaving fresh trails in the snow. The thermometer  hovers at zero as the herd continues their relentless and continuous search for food – the food that generates the body heat allowing them to survive the deep Montana winter despite losses to predators and “winter kill.’’

2021 Summary & Forecast for 2022 November 25 2021

Yes, this is New Ordnance and I am still alive and kicking, having been out of contact for some time while relocating our base of operation, developing a new mountain field and maintaining operational security. Throw in recovery from a few physical issues and I have had a full plate. 

Through these changes we never missed a beat in shipping out all orders on the same or next day from our deep seed vault. We had set aside seed to meet unanticipated circumstances so we were up and running while other vendors shut down.

We send a hearty shout-out to our loyal clientele. We are grateful for your business. Please accept the following intel dump as a bonus for your use going forward.

The contest has ended! April 01 2016

And the winning answers are...

The grizzly bear ate only carrots and parsley roots when he raided the garden. He was downright fastidious.

Surprisingly, carrots and parsley are in the same Apiaceae family and bears are well-equipped for digging.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest. We had a lot of fun reading everyone's guesses.

The full story and videos are still available on our website here: "Grizzly Raids"

Happy Planting!
The Rocky Mountain Corn Family


"Snow Corn" February 14 2016

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2013 Crop Report December 20 2013

From Deep in the Mountains of Montana:

Our mobile seed operation had a banner year. We relocated our primary crop to a 5000 foot valley far from any GMO encroachments. The glaciated, highly mineralized topsoil coupled with abundant irrigation water yielded an outstanding crop of vigorous seed adapted to our rigorous growing conditions...more>>

2012 Christmas December 17 2012

Blessings from the Rocky Mountain Corn family:

Dear Friends, Greetings from the snowy reaches of Montana in the American Redoubt. Thank you for your support of the Rocky Mountain Corn Project...more>>

2012 Crop Report November 09 2012

Dear Friends of the Rocky Mountain Corn Project and the Great Light of Freedom,

I want to thank all of you who are participating in the Rocky Mountain Corn Project. You are striking a blow for freedom wherever you are by taking action to establish your independence from Big Ag and the beast of totalitarianism in all of its myriad guises. 2012 has been a year of extremes for the growing season here in the mountains of Montana—“the best of times and the worst of times,” if you will...more>>

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