Seed Storage December 22 2014


1. Moisture
Keep it dry! The moisture content must be below 30% before it goes into the corn-crib to finish drying to 10% or less. This is the moisture meter I use. If the seed undergoes a hard freeze before final drying, the germ can be damaged resulting in lower germination rates. This is not delicate seed, however. Painted Mountain is robust and can survive all kind of abuses if kept dry. Beware of storage conditions that can trap moisture condensation such as bringing cold seed abruptly into a warm environment. If you have been out all day on that late season hunt when the high temperature was 3 degrees above zero F, you don’t bring your elk rifle into the warm kitchen. You might as well have dropped it in the river. Use common sense.

2. Temperature
The best storage environment is probably similar to those conditions that preserve ammo seemingly forever. Think of that 1957 Lake City M2 Ball that shoots hot as ever. Think cool, dark, dry, even temperature and away from any possible contaminants.
That said, we have left seed in a corn crib for several years of temperature cycles 35 below zero F to 100+ degrees F with little reduction in germination rate.
Plant Early. Remember that Re-hydrated Painted Mountain sprouts at temperatures in the low 50 degrees F, about 10 degrees lower than other corn.

3. Atmosphere

Dry, cold seed is still alive and respires (breathes) slowly in our opinion. Therefore, we store shelled seed in breathable sacks and boxes in the natural atmosphere and do not recommend the use of oxygen absorbers. We have not stored seed in the deep freeze or in sealed containers. For those who want to try that, consider the use of a desiccant such as unadulterated, perfume-free silica-gel in paper packets.

There is much debate and conflicting “expert” opinion on optimum seed storage conditions. In this article we are sharing the keys to our family’s secret to successful seed storage.

We live at an elevation of 5000 feet in a cold, dry and windy climate so Your Mileage May Vary. But remember it ain’t delicate. Just keep your seed and powder dry.

New Ordnance
December 22, 2014