The Rocky Mountain Corn Project

Of Plowshares and Swords March 12 2013

“We happy farmers of the American Redoubt…”

We happy farmers of the American Redoubt approach the coming growing season of 2013 with a resolute confidence, secure in the Providence of our cause and armed with the knowledge of our experience. Join our band of citizen-farmers laying the foundation of a nascent alpine republic here in the northern Rockies. We draw on the rich traditions of our forebearers...more>>

The Secret Weapon January 20 2012

A secret weapon has emerged from deep in the American Redoubt and the wild mountains of Montana. The word is slowly spreading through local gun shows and in certain circles on the Internet. This new development has ancient roots that augur well for the ultimate security and independence of the Redoubt. It is a vital key on the road to freedom for individuals and families...more>>

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